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Advance Clip From Rise Of Skywalker To Debut In Fortnite

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/08/2019
A journey from 1977 until now….it’s taken over 40 years for the original Star Wars Sage to reach its end, and it’s bowing out in the most 2019 manner possible: by previewing a piece of itself in Fortnite. But how? Everything you’ve heard is true: Lucasfilm is showing off an advance clip from Star Wars: […]

Dark Side Of The Force Now Joinable In Fortnite

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/15/2019
Hey you! Do you have what it takes to serve the Empire? Always desired to be a small cog in the Emperor’s galaxy-dominating machine? Then do we have the Fortnite skin for you. Effective immediately, players can dress as a Stormtrooper in the game. The Imperial army has arrived. The Imperial Stormtrooper is scouting the […]

Battlefront Chewie 720x405 349x240 - Chewbacca and Bossk Confirmed For Battlefront

Chewbacca and Bossk Confirmed For Battlefront

by Todd Blackon 07/18/2016
It had been teased for awhile that two new Hero characters would be coming to Star Wars Battlefront. Now, via Star Wars Celebration, we know that those to characters are Chewbacca, the legendary partner of Han Solo, and Bossk, the fan-favorite bounty hunter from Empire Strikes back. Also shown at the panel was a teaser […]
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Star Wars Battlefront And Other PS4 Games On Sale This Week

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/17/2015
You can get several Playstation 4 titles for discounted prices this week on the Playstation Store. Star Wars Battlefront is the main attraction, being somewhat new and yet marked down an entire twenty dollars. The sale also extends to PS3 when it comes to The Last Of Us, which is available on both consoles. Here […]

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New Paintjob Turns XBox One Controller Into Stormtrooper Head

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/07/2015
Someone looked at an XBox One controller recently and said, “You know, if you squint and hold it to the light, the silhouette kind of looks like a Stormtrooper head.” Then he thought, “Hey, I know how I can make money!” Extreme Consoles is a company based in the UK that restyles existing consoles, controllers […]
ea shows off five minutes of sta 349x240 - EA Shows Off Five Minutes Of Star Wars Battlefront

EA Shows Off Five Minutes Of Star Wars Battlefront

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/15/2015
The highlight of EA’s press conference came toward the end, where a big chunk of gameplay footage from their upcoming galactic multiplayer shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, was shown for the first time. The footage ran from a PS4 and was taken entirely from the Hoth map, because where else? Forty simultaneous characters were engaged in […]

The Skywalking Dead

by Jakobion 01/28/2014
The Skywalking Dead