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The Walking Dead Episode 503 ‘Four Walls and a Roof’ Preview Clip, Pics and Hints at a Shocking Scene

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/24/2014
At the end of the last episode of The Walking Dead, “Strangers,” Bob is missing and in a really, really bad place. Carol and Daryl just high-tailed it to God knows where to look for Beth. These events probably, in fairness, have nothing to do with Father Gabriel. But you can understand why Sasha might […]

The Walking Dead Episode 502 ‘Strangers’ Recap and Poll

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/19/2014
  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 502 ‘Strangers’ Now that Terminus is, at least temporarily, terminated, it’s a time for new characters and new storylines. This episode we’ll be introduced to Father Gabriel, played by Seth Gilliam, and we’ll see what influence this man of the cloth has on our group. Before we get into […]

The Walking Dead Episode 502 ‘Strangers’ Preview

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/17/2014
The Walking Dead season premiere was intense. Can the second episode, “Strangers” keep up the excitement? We’ll find out Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC, and we’ll have lots of time to discuss it and dissect it on our forum, so please join us. Here’s what we know about the episode so far, without going […]