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‘Surprise Guest’ For This Sunday’s Talking Dead

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/03/2015
AMC has revealed that the guests for this Sunday’s Talking Dead, starting at 11:15 p.m. ET/PT after the premiere of Better Call Saul, will be Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, actor Ron Perlman and a “surprise” cast member. On the Talking Dead, a surprise guest often means one of our favorite characters kicks the bucket that […]

Talking Dead Will Be Delayed An Hour After The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Premiere

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/05/2015
We know you want to go straight from The Walking Dead to Talking Dead. To hear what the actors had to say about their scenes, to see the polls and walker kills of the week, even to experience Chris Hardwick’s awkward nerd comedy. But that’s what you want. AMC wants you to watch its new […]

Robert Kirkman Says Daryl is Straight

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/01/2014
A lot of digital ink has been spilled since The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman recently hinted that Daryl Dixon, everyone’s favorite redneck, might be gay. In fact it has been revealed that original show-runner Frank Darabont had a plan to make Daryl gay. But as it stands now, Kirkman revealed on last night’s Talking […]