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If Negan Fought The Governor….

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/03/2016
The two characters will never meet, either in the comics or on the show. But if The Governor and Negan, two village rulers well-known for their cruelty, ever challenged each other for dominance, who would win? EW asked Jeffrey Dean Morgan this question. What do YOU think his answer was? “It’s not even close..I mean, […]

The Governor Starts His Own Production Company

by Alex Beanon 11/06/2014
David Morrissey – aka The Governor – has started along with three partners, a production company named On The Corner, that will produce both scripted and non-scripted content for television and cinema. On The Corner has already signed a two-year deal with BBC Worldwide. Morrissey’s partners in the venture are producers Jolyon Symonds and James […]

David Morrissey Sees The Booing By Fans As A Compliment To ‘The Governor’

by Jakobion 12/28/2013
David Morrissey, who played The Governor, recently said that all the booing that he hears from fans is really a good thing, and that he honestly takes them as a compliment. When he hears the boos he feels that he did a good job at playing the role of The Governor, and the fans are just reacting […]

The Governor Attacks The Prison In Mid-Season Finale ‘Too Far Gone’

by Jakobion 11/29/2013
The Governor is back, back again to attack the prison during this Sunday’s mid-season finale titled, Too Far Gone. This Sunday marks the halfway point for season 4, and so we can almost guarantee that something big is going to happen. Will the Governor finally succeed? Will the prison finally be abandoned? Who will die? There […]

The Governor Returns In “Live Bait” Episode Airing Sunday

by Jakobion 11/13/2013
The Governor returns this Sunday in the next episode of The Walking Dead titled”Live Bait“. The Governor was last seen in season 3 after he attacked the prison and later killed most of people in his army. Season 4 has been moving along and we have yet to see, or hear from, The Governor. In […]

The Walking Dead Purses Are Drop Dead Gorgeous

by Jakobion 09/14/2013
If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then why not roll around with one of The Walking Dead purses that will be sure to catch some eyes. The line of purses are designed from The Walking Dead comics, which features some of their best art. There are two that you can actually choose […]

San Diego Comic-Con Panel and Season 4 Premiere Title Announced for The Walking Dead

by Locon 07/02/2013
San Diego Comic-Con Update: AMC officially announced The Walking Dead’s presence at the San Diego Comic-Con. The panel will take place on Friday, July 19, 2013. The specific time, location and guests will be announced at a later date. [Source:] The San Diego Comic-Con runs from Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21, 2013. […]

The Walking Dead Season Finale Exclusive Pictures

by Jakobion 03/30/2013
The Walking Dead is finishing up its third season tomorrow, and fans will have mixed emotions. We finally get to see what season three has been leading up to, but then again, it is the end of the season. There are still many questions remaining, and who knows what will be left for Season 4. […]

Rick Meets The Governor in ‘Arrow on the Doorpost’

by Jakobion 03/10/2013
Well in tonight’s episode, Rick finally comes face to face with The Governor. While the battle between The Prison and Woodbury has been raging on, we finally get to see them meet face to face, which should be an awesome moment. The episode called, “Arrow on the Doorpost”, will at some point feature Rick and […]