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The Walking Dead The Prison Board Game

A New The Walking Dead Board Game Is On Kickstarter

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/11/2014
The Walking Dead Monopoly is pretty cool, but if you want something more strategic, a new board game based on The Walking Dead is being funded on Kickstarter. The new game, The Walking Dead: The Prison, is a stand-alone expansion to 2011’s Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: The Board Game. As the name makes pretty […]
too far gone - The Governor Attacks The Prison In Mid-Season Finale 'Too Far Gone'

The Governor Attacks The Prison In Mid-Season Finale ‘Too Far Gone’

by Jakobion 11/29/2013
The Governor is back, back again to attack the prison during this Sunday’s mid-season finale titled, Too Far Gone. This Sunday marks the halfway point for season 4, and so we can almost guarantee that something big is going to happen. Will the Governor finally succeed? Will the prison finally be abandoned? Who will die? There […]

the suicide king sneak peek 349x240 - The Walking Dead "The Suicide King" Sneak Peek

The Walking Dead “The Suicide King” Sneak Peek

by Jakobion 02/04/2013
The Walking Dead is getting hotter than its ever been and fans have been dying to watch the show they have fallen in love it with. Well, on February 10th, the fans get what they have been waiting for, the next episode in the AMC series The Walking Dead. The show picks up with “The […]
michonne the walking dead 349x240 - The Walking Dead Season 2 Includes Michonne

The Walking Dead Season 2 Includes Michonne

by Jakobion 04/19/2011
It looks like the The Walking Dead Season 2 includes Michonne, which should bring even more action and zombie butt kicking.  Robert Kirkman recently acknowledged that in Season 2 the character Michonne will be making a showing in the series.  In the comic book series, Michonne is a major leading character in the group of […]