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Amazon Prime Snags FTWD For Europe

by Alex Beanon 08/20/2015
Amazon Prime has successfully landed the rights to air “Fear the Walking Dead” episodes in Europe after they have aired on AMC. Austria and Germany will get the shows a day after they air in the USA while the UK will have to wait until next year for their airings. “Fear the Walking Dead” premieres […]
Rick Grimes

Vote for The Walking Dead in the National Television Awards

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/12/2015
So The Walking Dead didn’t get a Golden Globe last night. Because it wasn’t even nominated. And it also failed to get any People’s Choice Awards, because not enough The Walking Dead fans voted for it. And no, no Primetime Emmys. But it can still win a National Television Award. What is a National Television […]

The Walking Dead Season 4 FOX UK Return Date Released

by Jakobion 12/16/2013
The return date for The Walking Dead season 4 FOX UK has been released. Season 4 of the AMC television show is halfway over as the mid-season finale aired just weeks ago, but no need to worry because it will be back before you know it. The date for the US return is set, which happens […]