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Destiny Update Now Live, Making Atheon Even Tougher

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/28/2014
  A new Destiny update is up. Some players will love it and some will hate it, it really all depends on how you feel about fair play. Before this update the boss of the end-game Vault of Glass Raid, Atheon, could be cheesed through by forcing him off his platform. That’s obviously not how […]
two player team defeats destinys 349x240 - Two Player Team Defeats Destiny's Six-Player Vault of Glass

Two Player Team Defeats Destiny's Six-Player Vault of Glass

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/09/2014
This isn’t supposed to be possible, but leaving it to gamers to push the limits. The Destiny Vault of Glass raid is intended for a high-level, coordinated team of six players. It’s so tough that the first team to complete it had more than 1,600 deaths and it took them hours to get through. But, […]

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Destiny Rolling Out Vault of Glass Today

by Shawn Hopkinson 09/16/2014
  Today Bungie and Activision are rolling out the first major in-game event for Destiny, a raid on Venus called Vault of Glass. Vault of Glass is one of several events planned for this month and next. Vault of Glass is the game’s first six-player raid and is open to players level 26 and above. […]