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doom 2 seinfeld edition 349x240 - Doom 2: Seinfeld Edition

Doom 2: Seinfeld Edition

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/22/2016
A mod of Doom 2 now exists where the entirety of the content is Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. The mod recreates the entire thing in true 3D space using 100% original textures and modeling. Doug Keener, the mod-master who made the project, says it took over 100 hours from start to completion. You can’t do much […]
new video reveals just cause 3 f 349x240 - New Video Reveals Just Cause 3 From End To End

New Video Reveals Just Cause 3 From End To End

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/30/2015
Playstation Access put out a video over Thanksgiving weekend that shows exactly how much land Just Cause 3 is composed of. Traveling overhead whenever possible, it took a full 15 minutes to get from one end to the other and see everything. The video is embedded below so you can take a gander yourself. Medici […]

norm - Walking Dead Cast and Creators Talk Season Six

Walking Dead Cast and Creators Talk Season Six

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/17/2015
It’s never too early to start thinking about the next season. AMC has released the first of what will likely be many speculative promotional videos relating to season six of The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Alanna Masterson and executive producers Scott M. Gimple and Gale Anne Hurd all make appearances. The actors say […]
battlefield hardline open beta s 349x240 - Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Starts Feb. 3

Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Starts Feb. 3

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/29/2015
Battlefield Hardline’s open multi-player beta is coming Feb. 3, and EA and Visceral Games have released a new trailer showing how their game is the “complete FPS experience.” The trailer shows off Hardline’s “cops and criminals” gameplay and demonstrates its classes, equipment, weapons, vehicles and battle pickups that can give your an advantage in a […]

Rick Grimes

The Survivors Prepare For Battle in The Walking Dead 507 ‘Crossed’ (Preview Video and Pics)

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/21/2014
It’s obvious at this point that the mid-season finale seems to heading toward a confrontation between Rick’s group and the perverted cops at Grady Memorial Hospital. And probably a terrible tragedy, because that’s what The Walking Dead does. But the gang has to prepare first, and that looks like what’s happening in these previews. The […]
Walking Fred

Funny Or Die’s New Recap Show The Walking Fred Offers a Walker’s Take on ‘Consumed’

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/19/2014
The Walking Fred S5 EP 6 Recap: Consumed from thewalkingfred Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick is a nice enough guy, sure, but he’s all warm and alive and stuff. Just look at the sparkle in his eye. You can’t count on him to give you an authentic walker perspective. That’s where new Funny or Die […]

the governor returns - The Governor Returns In "Live Bait" Episode Airing Sunday

The Governor Returns In “Live Bait” Episode Airing Sunday

by Jakobion 11/13/2013
The Governor returns this Sunday in the next episode of The Walking Dead titled”Live Bait“. The Governor was last seen in season 3 after he attacked the prison and later killed most of people in his army. Season 4 has been moving along and we have yet to see, or hear from, The Governor. In […]