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CON TV To Launch With Zombies

by Alex Beanon 08/08/2014
CON TV – the new digital network designed to provide programming for fans of various Comic Con-like conventions around the country – will be launching later this year with “Fight of the Living Dead” where a smattering of nine YouTube stars see if they can navigate the first 24 hours of a post-zombie apocalyptic world. […]

Jon Bernthal Details His Proposed Alternate Death for Shane (Video)

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/14/2014
It’s interesting to think that, if Robert Kirkman had gone with his original idea to kill of Rick early on, The Walking Dead you’re watching today would be centered around the relationship between Carl and Shane, not Carl and Rick. And although Shane is not very well-remembered by some fans because of his conflict with […]

The Walking Dead First Issue

The Walking Dead Variant Cover By Julian Tedesco

by Jakobion 05/18/2013
There is a new Walking Dead variant cover for the first issue of Robert Kirkman’s comic book, The Walking Dead. This new variant cover is being showcased during the Philadelphia Comic Con which is taking place near the end of the month. This new variant cover features an image of Carl Grimes tipping his hat while he grips […]

The Walking Dead Stars Attending Wizard World NYC This Summer

by Jakobion 04/10/2013
You can have the chance to meet some of the biggest stars of The Walking Dead this summer at Wizard World being held in New York City. This summer, during June 28th to June 30th, some of them will be hanging out on Pier 36 in Manhattan. The actors and actresses that are attending the […]