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The Walking Deadpool

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/11/2016
Recutting classic movies into misleading trailers is hardly a new YouTube pasttime, but AFK Anthony has done something novel by taking the Deadpool trailer and using its audio to match up with Walking Dead scenes instead. The intent was to promote a normally serious program as a wacky in-your-face shoot-em-up. The only thing missing here […]

Call of Duty Community Members Give Impressions of Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/23/2014
Call of Duty YouTubers and press at a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sponsored event on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel probably aren’t the least biased sources, but there’s a high level of enthusiasm in this new hype video for the game, and some good info about how the game’s multiplayer will feel. […]

YouTube Launches Screampix For Horror Fans

by Jakobion 05/15/2013
Screampix is YouTube’s latest addition that will satisfy horror fans from all around. This new paid subscription channel, which launched on Wednesday, will cost fans of the genre $2.99 to become subscribers. This new channel, which is part of a new line of subscription channels, will feature footage, trailers, interviews, and a whole lot more. According to The Wrap, the […]