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Man Blames Murder On Combination Of Binging Beer And Walking Dead

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/26/2015
This is one for the ages, folks. Damon Perry, a 23-year-old man from New Mexico, has been charged with the death of his friend by beating. Perry blames a combination of the booze and marathoning The Walking Dead on Netflix. He and Christopher Paquin, the victim who was also 23, were watching episodes of the […]
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New Interview With Walking Dead Producer David Alpert

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/25/2015
AMC recently had a chat with David Alpert, executive producer of The Walking Dead, on the eve of Season 6. Here are the highlights from that interview…. Alpert knows about as much as we do regarding the future of the comic, even though he sees Robert Kirkman all the time “We’ll be out for dinner […]

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Fear The Walking Dead Series Premiere Recap

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/25/2015
A young man, looking out of sorts, slowly rises from bed in a broken-down dark ex-church that now serves as a hideout for drug users and gang members. The place already looks enough like a haunted house as it is, and the clientele it entertains doesn’t help. A different character takes a trip here later […]

The Battery Due On Blu-ray And DVD

by Alex Beanon 09/04/2014
“The Battery” – about two baseball players traversing the wilds of New England after the usual zombie apocalypse and who must learn to deal with each other’s personalities to survive – is being released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 16, 2014. Extras include deleted scenes, commentary, a soundtrack short film and a 90-minute documentary..

The Military’s Real Plan to Fight a Zombie Invasion

by Shawn Hopkinson 05/15/2014
This will either make you impressed that it’s prepared for everything or annoyed that officials have too much time on their hands, but the Pentagon has a plan to fight the zombie apocalypse. A detailed one. It even covers all kind of zombies, including evil magic zombies. According to, the plan, called CONOP 8888 […]

Sasha Would Not Head South In A Real Zombie Apocalypse

by Jakobion 10/26/2013
Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, would not head South if there was a real zombie apocalypse happening at this moment, at least that is what she recently said during a question and answer session. Sonequa plays Sasha in the AMC series who happens to be the sister of Tyreese. According to Sonequa, the last thing she […]

The Snacking Dead Cookbook Inspired By The Walking Dead

by Jakobion 08/08/2013
There is a new cookbook coming out for all you Walking Dead fans, The Snacking Dead. The cookbook features recipes that will help you to survive, tips for the apocalypse, and more. The parody cookbook, by D.B. Walker, will probably be a big hit among the fans of the television show. Along with the show […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Uprising DLC – Mob of the Dead Has Zombie Survival Horror Storyline

by Locon 04/11/2013
The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC, “Uprising” is coming to the Xbox 360 on April 16, 2013. One of the features of the Uprising DLC will be a zombie, survival horror experience called, “Mob of the Dead”. In “Mob of the Dead”, players will find four prohibition era mobsters serving time in Alcatraz […]

Tips on Hosting a “Killer” Walking Dead Zombie Party

by on 03/31/2013
There is nothing quite like watching a new episode of The Walking Dead and seeing undisputed leader Rick Grimes flip out at an apparition of his dead wife. Well, except like watching it with friends. So to welcome the series finale of Season 3, why not invite some friends over and host your own Walking […]

Walking Dead Theme Played By Pianist Sonya Belousova

by Locon 03/28/2013
Pianist Sonya Belousova plays a strong rendition of The Walking Dead theme in a very well-produced video that’s making its rounds on YouTube and was also posted earlier today on Mashable. In the video, Sonya reenacts the scene in which Rick Grimes awakens in the hospital to find himself confronted with the zombie apocalypse. Zombies […]