Be Teased by This Ten Second Teaser For The Season Five Premiere

by on 08/21/2014

This ultra-short video is just a dirty, dirty tease. But it’s still something you on the hook while you wait out the 52 days until the start of season five.

So what do we see in this quick arrangement of scenes? Nothing that looks very good for our survivors. 

It includes:

  • People in gas masks entering the traincar
  • Rick being a pottymouth at the end of season four
  • More gas mask people
  • Daryl beat the hell up
  • Someone who seems to be dissecting or operating on either a human or a walker
  • A door with scary shadows under it
  • A voiceover from Michonne, at least it sounds like her, saying “We don’t know what’s coming next”
  • One bloodcurdling inhuman scream

It’s not a whole lot to go on, but we’ve been without The Walking Dead for so long that any drop is like an oasis in the desert. What do you think?

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