“The Escapists” Sequel Is Walking Dead-Themed

by on 09/16/2015

Earlier this year, a puzzle-RPG game with blocky graphics made a splash on Steam and garnered much critical acclaim. That game was The Escapists, an ultraviolent spectacle about inmates trying to escape from prison. A sequel was inevitable, but perhaps not in the manner people were expecting. Developer Team 17 released the first images and video from that sequel today. The same gameplay and puzzle-strategy elements will once again be present, but this time, everything will be Walking Dead-themed.

Instead of playing someone trying to escape jail, you play as Rick Grimes trying to escape zombies, in a variety of situations from the multi-season history of the TV series. The scenes in the trailer below take place during Season 3, at Woodbury and the prison.

Out of the numerous games that have used the Walking Dead license, this looks to be one of the better ones, if the trailer is anything to judge by. The vague, unannounced time when this game is to be released can’t come soon enough.

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