“The Walking Dead” Casts Hershel and Maggie for Hershel’s Farm

by on 06/25/2011

lauren cohan - "The Walking Dead" Casts Hershel and Maggie for Hershel's Farm

Well it has only been a few days since we found out that Pruitt Taylor Vince will be playing Otis, now we have the rest of the crew that the group of survivors will find when they come across Hershel’s Farm.  Scott Wilson will be playing “Hershel Greene” and his daughter “Maggie” will be played by Lauren Cohan.  Scott Wilson has recently held parts in In Cold Blood, Monster, and Junebug while Lauren Cohan played parts in Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, and Chuck.  Now the two of them have a shot in The Walking Dead when we get to see Hershel’s Farm in the next season.

Hershel’s Farm is straight from The Walking Dead comic and we will be introduced to this scene and new characters when season 2 of the TV series continues this October.  “Hershel Greene” along with his daughter “Maggie” and farm hand “Otis”, are the few people that survive the initial zombie invasion and we will learn more as the show picks up.

We can also expect some sort of relationship to happen between “Maggie”, played by Lauren Cohan, and “Glenn” who is played by Steven Yuen.  Gale Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead, had the following to say according to TV Guide.

“She’s in her twenties and is a survivor who ends up as a romantic interest for Glenn”

We can expect to see some new characters as The Walking Dead season 2 comes into full motion.  The second season is 13 episodes and exactly when we will see Hershel’s Farm and the new characters is still unknown.  We do know that it will be exciting to get some new characters in the TV series, and to see the romantic relationship between “Glenn” and “Maggie” develop on Hershel’s Farm.

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