The Walking Dead Monopoly Game Coming Soon By Hasbro

by on 08/01/2013

The Walking Dead Monopoly Game

There is a new game coming, and it’s not a video game, it’s The Walking Dead Monopoly game by Hasbro. Hasbro will be releasing a Walking Dead version of the famous Monopoly game this September, and it should be an instant fan hit.

The game will feature all the typical Monopoly style tidbits, but with a twist of Walking Dead added in. The tokens you can use are really cool and feature items like the Michonne sword, Rick Grimes hat, Dale’s RV, and more.

The Walking Dead Monopoly Game Tokens

The Walking Dead Monopoly Tokens

We all know that Monopoly is about buying properties and there are some really cool ones you can buy in this Hasbro edition. You can buy places like Hershel’s Farm and Woodbury, and other places that the show has taken us so far in the series.

Also, instead of building houses and hotels on the properties, you will instead build guard towers and walls. We all know that money means nothing anymore in the apocalypse, so you will be trading food and supplies to grab up territory.

Walking Dead Monopoly Game

This game definitely sounds like lots of fun, and being based off of Monopoly, should be really cool. The Walking Dead: Survival Edition of Monopoly will be out in September of this year which means we only have about a month or so until we can check it out.

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