The Walking Dead Season 2 Includes Michonne

by on 04/19/2011

michonne the walking dead - The Walking Dead Season 2 Includes Michonne

It looks like the The Walking Dead Season 2 includes Michonne, which should bring even more action and zombie butt kicking.  Robert Kirkman recently acknowledged that in Season 2 the character Michonne will be making a showing in the series.  In the comic book series, Michonne is a major leading character in the group of survivors who brings a new and deadly skill to the survivors.trans - The Walking Dead Season 2 Includes MichonneShe is armed with a sword or a katana and has the ability to use it with deadly force.  Michonne has a slightly mysterious background except that she was trained in fencing as a child that gives her the skills with the sword.  She has been a central character in the comic book for years now and we should be seeing her in season 2.

Charlie Adlard sketchs Michonne who will be in season 2 of The Walking Dead


Michonne in the comic book series is introduced when the group finds a prison and the prison happens to be an important part of the comic book series.  While Frank Darabont can follow the comic book series, the sky is the limit and he could bring a new setting or simply bring her in a different way.  Michonne happens to be a fan favorite so it really isn’t a surprise that she will be brought into the series, the question remains is how?

While Frank brings on a fan favorite, its also rumored that he may toy with a fan favorite villain, The Governor.  The Governor, or Philip, was found feeding zombies live human beings as a sport or to please the crowds.  So we think that after Michonne it will be a matter of time before The Governor is introduced.

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  • Ryan
    10/23/2011 at 10:21 pm

    Daryl is a real-life replacement. Some characters don’t translate from paper to a TV.


  • Catniphabit
    10/26/2011 at 7:31 pm

    Many of the actresses that’ve been mentioned (like Zoe Saldana) look, to me, like they’re too skinny to lift a sword, let alone use it.  Up until the late 90s Pam Grier would have kicked ass and been perfect casting (not to mention she could pass for someone in her early 30s up until “L-Word” era). Rutina Wesley could probably pull it off, she’s built about right (could stand to gain a few pounds, but she’s got serious muscle definition) and can also look regal.


  • 10/31/2011 at 11:45 am

    you offered no source were you heard this. is it in one of the links? with no source, your comments are only fan speculation.


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