The Walking Dead Season 2 – Updates

by on 04/17/2011

the walking dead rick morgan - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Updates

AMC made several announcements regarding The Walking Dead Season 2 during a recent press conference and gave fans and the media an insight into the highly anticipated season 2 of the new hit series. According to AMC The Walking Dead Season 2 will have 13 episodes which is 7 more than there first season that really drew a fan following.trans - The Walking Dead Season 2 - Updates During the TCA press tour AMC however didn’t announce when the premiere would take place.  Meanwhile, fans will have to sit and wait for The Walking Dead Season 2 which is still a long ways away.

While the series is a long ways away, there is hope that it could start in July 2011.  According to the show, they are thinking about getting ahead or starting before the usual huge fall release of shows and series and are contemplating about getting a jump on them by starting in July.  The question remains while fans do want the show to start as soon as possible as they are hooked, should AMC even care about the fall shows since there isn’t any like The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 2 will be even bigger than the first as the show has been talked about and even more fans are now watching and waiting for The Walking Dead Season 2.  Whether the show is released in July or the normal time, the fall, I don’t think it’s going to matter much as when it comes to The Walking Dead, there is nothing that will compare to The Walking Dead Season 2.

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