The Walking Dead Soundtrack?

by on 04/21/2011

blue foundation eyes on fire - The Walking Dead Soundtrack?

The Walking Dead soundtrack so far has consisted of groups such as Wang Chung, Black Strobe, and John Murphy.  Wang Chung was featured in “Days Gone Bye”, Black Strobe in “Guts”, and finally John Murphy in “Wildfire”.  However, with the fans and followers of The Walking Dead looking for more action and the next season to come, some are already thinking ahead about next seasons The Walking Dead Soundtrack.  One of our followers, Nick, submitted the following song as a good candidate for either next season or seasons yet to come.

The Walking Dead Soundtrack could include this band as it has a feeling that would work well with the show, and it would be a good choice.  Blue Foundation is Danish band that came around in 2000,  some of their songs have been featured in some other hit shows such as Miami Vice, The O.C, and even Twilight.  Have a listen to the tune, and let us know what you think.  You can find the lyrics to “Eyes on Fire” on a number of sites, or here is one that has the lyrics available to check out.


The music thus far The Walking Dead is composed by Bear McCreary and Thomas Golubic who is the Music Supervisor.  They might be open to ideas for the next The Walking Dead Soundtrack, or maybe even looking right now, or even already have them picked out.  If you have some good soundtracks, music, songs, or a good candidate for the season 2 The Walking Dead Soundtrack, send us an email and we will check them out.

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