The Walking Dead Story


walking dead story - The Walking Dead Story

The Walking Dead story is about the end of the world, the end of things as we know, and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. A small group of people who have managed to find each other band together in The Walking Dead story and push for survival. The lead character is Rick Grimes, who was a Sheriff’s Deputy when the outbreak occurs in The Walking Dead story. They are always looking for ways to survive and to find other people out there and more importantly answers to what is going on. As they try to survive they are under constant attack from flesh eating zombies that will stop at nothing to feed.

Rick Grimes is a police officer from Kentucky when the opening of The Walking Dead begins. He and his partner Shane are in the middle of a call and are engaged in a serious escalation. Rick, who is shot, ends up in the hospital and in a coma. When Rick awakes he soon realizes that things have gone awry and that the new reality something different than what he remembers. As he stumbles from the hospital he soon sees that the change is widespread and that some sort of horror had taken place when he was in a coma. When Rick leaves the hospital you truly begin to see what The Walking Dead story is about, and the aftermath of the horror.

The Walking Dead story is set to give a different look on the zombie apocalypse as it is more character driven and tries to really give the audience a horrid view of what life would be like for the survivors. The Walking Dead story which happens to be built upon the comic book will capture both fans of the comic, and those who just love zombies.