The Walking Dead Video Game Screenshot

by on 07/27/2011

the walking dead video game - The Walking Dead Video Game Screenshot

The Walking Dead video game is getting closer and closer to being released and the game developer, Telltale, has finally unveiled the first screenshot which will depict the continuing adventure we know as The Walking Dead. The game however will not follow the comic book or television series in which most fans have learned to love, but instead the The Walking Dead video game will be taking a slightly different twist.

The lead game character will not be Rick grimes, but be a character named Lee who happens to be a convicted criminal who was able to escape during the zombie apocalypse. During the game, Lee finds a young girl named Clementine in the melee. The two having no families left, decide to form a pact and try to survive together in the world of the zombie apocalypse.

While The Walking Dead video game may not have all the favorite characters from the comic book, it will have some. According to Dread Central, it will have an appearance by Glenn and even take a trip out to Hershel’s Farm.  It will also feature scenes with some of the other main characters, but they will not have a major role in the adventure. Also according to game designer Jake Rodkin The Walking Dead video game will not be about simply trying to save the world, but rather just trying to survive.

“The Walking Dead is not really a game about people who save the world. It’s more about a story of trying to survive as people inside of this huge and horrible situation”. Source: Lazy Gamer

We can expect The Walking Dead video game to hit store shelves sometime in the winter of 2011.  I am sure they are going to have it out by Christmas and use season 2 of the television series to push the game even further.  While there may not be much out there about the game, we do know that The Walking Dead video game will be something for all gamers and fans to try alike.

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