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by on 06/14/2011

the walking dead wiki - The Walking Dead Wiki

If you are new to the scene of The Walking Dead or maybe you caught on a little later before all your friends did, then you must check out the The Walking Dead Wiki.  The Walking Dead Wiki is an awesome resource for getting caught up on all the storylines, the characters, the comics, the people involved, and it really will give you some great information about the show.  The wiki, like most of the wiki’s out there, focuses on the show and everything that is The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Wiki will also give you some information on the creators and the entire backdrop of the series including the comic book.  If you want to know more about the show then just click on over to the TV series where you find everything people have contributed.  The Walking Dead Wiki gives you an episode breakdown, the characters involved, the people who play the characters, the producers, and really anything you would want to know.

If you are more on the side of The Walking Dead comic book then you are in luck as well.  It will give you the storyline, the volumes, artwork, and essentially provide you with all the info you would need to start becoming a fan and a reader.  The Walking Dead Wiki is fan’s resource that should not be ignored and is a great piece of fact collecting data that will help you either gain more insight, or just learn a little more.

If you area new fan or a die hard fan from the get-go, then The Walking Dead Wiki should be part of your sites that have some good information.

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