Titanfall Is $8 Today

by on 04/24/2015

Best Buy is now selling XBox One’s online shooter Titanfall at an extremely reduced rate: $8 on its website, plus $2 shipping. GameStop and Amazon have it for $20 now, which is also cheap, but this is far better. In addition, all the DLC for Titanfall was made permanently free last March!
What could possibly be inspiring all this generosity?? ……well, the game isn’t quite as popular anymore. When the XBox One launched, seemingly everyone was running, shooting, battling and piloting Titans, but the surge flamed out quickly, and now attendance is low — a huge problem for a mostly online game.
One of the oldest merchant tricks in the book is to spike up low sales with discounts, and for games this has the added beneficial effect of stoking the online fire before it burns out completely. MMOs that were considered goners have been revived by making them free-to-play or close to it. Respawn needs more people playing Titanfall, and they’re willing to take a cut of their own profits to keep the game alive.
Will the strategy work? In this case, it remains to be seen. But if you missed out on Titanfall, this might be your last chance to really play it before all the newcomers who respond to THIS disappear too. And at $8 (as opposed to $60), why not go for it?

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