Titanfall Game Update 3 Coming Soon

by on 05/13/2014

Respawn Entertainment has released details for Titanfall’s third update, which will be out this month along with the Expedition DLC.
The new update brings a ton of updates, and some interesting new features, including:
• Custom load out names for both pilots and Titans and two dedicated custom loadouts per game.
• Improvements to the summary of the last game including the ability to view the scoreboard in the lobby after the match.
• Beta custom private match settings including the option to change settings like health, shield, score and time limits, even turn the minimap on or off.
• A PC-only “Extreme Frame Rate” option to set the framerate up to 144 fps.
• Decreased eject damage for normal eject, increased damage to Titans from nuclear eject.
• Titanfalls now do not damage the drop ship. Respawn says dropping Titans on the drop ship”was not an intended behavior.”
There are many, many more tweaks. Read the full list at the Titanfall blog.

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