Titanfall Was Prototyped on a Ratchet and Clank Engine and Could Have Ended Up on Vita

by on 04/17/2014

Geoff Keighley’s The Final Hours of Titanfall longform app is a fascinating look at the development of the game.
One of the things that makes it so fascinating is that there was so much drama and so many unusual twists and turns that happened during the game’s development, including a conflict between Respawn Entertainment ounders Jason West and Vince Zampella that ended with West leaving the company and a giant lawsuit against Activision. It’s almost a wonder that the game made it out at all.
Keighley reveals that before Respawn settled on the Source engine, Insomniac Games founder Ted Price told the team it could use the Ratchet and Clank “Luna” engine, which powered Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, to make the game, for free. And Respawn actually used the Luna engine for a year during prototyping.
The feature also reveals that Respawn reached out to Sony to see what the specs would be for its upcoming console. Sony wasn’t sharing the specs, but it did offer to help Respawn make a PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall.
And Titanfall was also originally a very different game. Instead of starting as a pilot, the player started as a Titan and the pilot was only an “extra life” once the Titan was destroyed.
You can buy “The Final Hours of Titanfall” here:
[Source: Gamespot]

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