A Treasury of Season Four Finale Teases (Non-Spoiler)

by on 03/28/2014

What’s going to happen on this weekend’s The Walking Dead Season four finale? No one’s saying exactly, but everyone is hinting that it’s going to be big.

We’ve already reported that Robert Kirkman says the episode will push Rick to his “absolute limit.”

“This is Rick Grimes being pushed to his absolute limit. And if you think you’ve seen that before, you haven’t. And the Rick Grimes that comes out of this is really going to shock people,” Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly

Meanwhile Josh McDermitt, who plays nerd-tacular Eugene on the show, shared his enthusiasm for the finale with MTV.

“I think people are going to be really happy with how it turns out,” he teased. “This group just lost the prison. They’re on railroad tracks, they’re in the woods, they’re on the road. They’re just trying to find each other. Hopefully, Terminus becomes this thing where everyone can regroup and rebuild their lives. We know Rick and Michonne and Carl are on their way there. Are we going to meet them there? What’s going to happen? I don’t know.”

The lovely Danai Gurira, who brings the deadly Michonne to life, said whatever you’re guessing about the finale, you’re wrong.

“I’ve read all predictions and none of them are right. No-one’s going to be able to figure out this ending – so it’s going to be a really exciting thing to watch people respond to!” she told Digital Spy.

Perhaps the biggest leak, however, comes from Daryl Dixon himself, Norman Reedus, who shared these two “spoilers” on Instagram.

tychonne - A Treasury of Season Four Finale Teases (Non-Spoiler)


glaggie - A Treasury of Season Four Finale Teases (Non-Spoiler)

Oh no, Terminus is a place where they cut people’s heads off and put them on other people’s bodies! It’s horrible, it –

I am being told that this was a joke and am calming down now.

So, will it live up to the hype? I guess the only way to know for sure is to watch.

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