AMC Options “NOS4A2” For Potential New Horror Series

by on 12/08/2015

In 2013 a horror novel called “NOS4A2” was written by Joe Hill and published by William Morrow. AMC has just purchased the television rights and will begin development on a possible TV series adaption. Deadline reported the news today.

The novel’s central character is Victoria “Vic” McQueen, who has the supernatural ability to ALWAYS find lost things. While this means she’ll never lose a single sock in the dryer, the power is also slowly destroying her mind, so…..there are good and bad points to it.

Searching for help, she runs across Charlie Manx, a sinister man who has the power to remain immortal by sucking the souls out of people. He drives around in a 1930’s Rolls Royce with the license plate “NOS4A2,” hence the title. Say it out loud to get the pun: “Nosferatu.” Presumably that vanity plate had to be paid for. Some monsters like to advertise.

The plot really kicks into gear when Manx kidnaps Vic’s own son and Vic has to launch a rescue mission before Manx can eat his soul. If the series is intended to be ongoing, the plot will likely be somewhat different and have a story with less of a definitive ending. AMC is reported to be looking for a screenwriter.

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