AMC Releases Glamour Shot of Lucille

by on 03/29/2016

Today AMC released the promotional image for the season finale of The Walking Dead, which airs this Sunday and includes the debut of a highly anticipated character. Just about every entertainment website has received this image and headlined it with “AMC Releases First Negan Image.” There’s just one problem with that.


Do you see Negan here? I see his hair, but I can’t really say I see HIM in the traditional sense. It’s the same back shot we got in the credits promo this week. I see a LOT of his bat girlfriend Lucille, so it’s more accurate to say AMC just released the first image of Lucille. Point made short, they really don’t want you to see Negan’s face.

Well, too bad. You want to see Negan? HAVE ALL THE NEGAN IN THE WORLD!! AHAHAHAHAAAA!

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How do you like THAT, AMC?

The Walking Dead season finale starts at 9 this Sunday on the American Movie Classics channel.

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