Are We Getting Deaths Next Sunday On The Walking Dead? The Answer Is…

by on 02/12/2016

With the cast list expanding as rapidly as it has, and a record number of characters currently on the payroll, it’s been speculated for a long time that we’re headed for a huge “sacrificial” episode. And from the sounds of things, next Sunday’s “No Way Out” may be that episode.

Rob Bricken of iO9 (they want us to call it Gizmodo now, but…..never) has seen the episode and became so enraged over something that happens that he could barely keep it a secret. He succeeds in not naming the specific event, but he also confirms someone will die next Sunday. Someone big. In fact, he confirms it’ll be more than one person!

“This is not a light-hearted show. I know that beloved characters can die at any time, and that lesser characters will die pretty regularly to keep the tension high. That’s fine. I’m a big fan of zombie entertainment; I know how it works. And yet “No Way Out” disturbs me in a way The Walking Dead has never done before.”

“I can likewise promise you that this is not a Glenn situation, where they exist in a Schrodinger’s Walking Dead box, and we don’t really know if they’re alive or dead. They dead. It’s not up for debate.”

Not only was Rob displeased by one of these deaths but he hated the manner in which it happened. “The death scene in “No Way Out” feels like a scene that exists solely to upset viewers, as if to proclaim, “Betcha didn’t think we’d do that, huh?!” It feels crass and exploitative, which is somehow not something I’ve felt even in TWD’s most insane moments.”

Brace yourselves, folks — you’ve now been warned. The episode airs for the first time 48 hours from now on AMC.

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