Can We Really Make It Seven Months Without Negan’s Victim Being Leaked?

by on 04/06/2016

One of the things that Walking Dead fans are most furious about, regarding the cliffhanger from last Sunday, is that they figure the answer will more than likely be leaked at some point before Season 7 can ever begin. They know we watchers are our own worst enemy, and that if anything slips out between now and October, for even a second, the Internet will plaster it everywhere. It’s barely been three days and they’re already trying. They’re trying very hard.

This popular video has been making the rounds since Monday morning; it is the audio track for Negan’s beating filtered and isolated so that the screams are more identifiable. And the names people are making out are…..”Glenn,” “Maggie” and “Abraham.” I also think I heard someone say “Donut.”

An audio track appeared on Reddit where the sound for Negan’s entire scene did not fade at the end. Actual leakage, or did somebody very easily mess with Audacity to increase the volume in those last few seconds? This is the clearest version of the audio we’ve gotten yet, but all it really reveals is how intentionally vague the actors made their screams, and how anything can sound like “GLENN!” if you listen for it.

A short, soundless video taken from behind the scenes during the Negan shoot was uploaded to Youtube in November of 2015. We know now it wasn’t a hoax, because the view on the camera is the same scene that was in the episode. Too bad it’s so blurry that you can’t confirm much. They hung curtains around the filming area for the possibility someone would try this.

Through those curtains, you can make out what appears to be a kneeling male character to Negan’s right, wearing a jacket. In the aired episode….they were all on their knees and all the male characters were wearing jackets. D’OH! Anyway, if I was the director, I wouldn’t shoot this in any way that suggested who the true victim was. I would like to think they had the sense not to film anything that gave the answer away and “edit it down” with filters, because they’d have to know such a thing would be fished out.

In short, we still don’t know any more than we first did. And throughout the summer, you can expect more analyses like these and you can be assured there will be hoaxes. The time to really worry will be when the crew begins filming again — this is when actual leaks have gotten out.

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