First Four Minutes Of “No Way Out” Now Online

by on 02/11/2016

Earlier in the week people started whispering about a leakage of the first four minutes to The Walking Dead’s return episode, “No Way Out.” What they didn’t know yet was that the leak was intentional. First on the Walking Dead app and now on Youtube, here are the first four minutes of “No Way Out.”

After having seen this, I’m rather disappointed in these guys, who are among the team’s toughest members. First you let some random people steal your bike, Daryl, and now you just hand over your weapons without a hint of resistance? You goin’ soft, boy?

MAYBE I might have considered the outside possibility from you, but ABE too? Granted, there are about fifteen loaded pistols aimed at their heads, but that shouldn’t really stop a tank like Abraham. Why he didn’t bite that man’s head off when he got too close is beyond me.

Alternately, upon sight, Daryl could have kept driving and splattered them all. But none of those things happened, and now they’re captured and soon the Saviors will know all about Alexandria. They oughta love what it’s like now!

The remainder of this episode premieres February 14 at 9 PM on AMC.

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