Footage From The Walking Dead’s Season Six Finale Leaked

by on 03/25/2016

After you’ve watched the sneak peek for next Sunday’s episode, you can see a bit of what’s coming the Sunday after (provided you can get to this Youtube embed in time before it’s deleted). A good chunk of the promo for the Walking Dead Season Six finale has leaked out from a Dutch TV station.

You WILL see Negan, or parts of Negan in this trailer (you may even see Lucille). The ending is cut off, so he never gets the chance to turn around….but you get to hear him say his own name. “Hi, I’m Negan.” There are also a couple of other snips that don’t tell us much (generic running sequences). Someone has Carol’s rosary, but due to the blurry picture you can’t tell if it’s Carol.

Anyway, stop reading this and watch it before Youtube finds it. If you were too late, sorry.

The season finale of The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sunday, April 3 at 9 and lasts 90 minutes.


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