If You Want To Buy Ad Space On The Walking Dead, Better Hurry

by on 05/12/2016

The AMC brass addressed investors and the press during their first-quarter earnings call last week, and one of the ways they assured their profits would be expanding was an increase in advertising fees for The Walking Dead.

“We continue to see advertising pricing power for shows like ‘The Walking Dead,’ which attract large, engaged and desirable audiences,” said AMC CEO Josh Sapan. “While [costs per thousand viewers] in that show particularly have increased, its [value] as an ad vehicle has not been fully realized, and we think there is more pricing upside.”

COO Ed Carroll reiterated this statement, promising “significant pricing increases” for TWD in Season 7. Once that hits, if you want to sell your fast food, luxury cars and FitBits, you’re gonna have to pony up.

Sapan also added that he expects The Walking Dead to remain AMC’s flagship series for quite some time. Put into corporate speak, “Our horizon for the show is very long.”

[Source: CBR]

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