Kim Dickens, Star of Walking Dead’s LA Companion Series, Jokes it Will Feature ‘Sexy Zombies’

by on 03/11/2015

We’re used to seeing The Walking Dead in the south, where although our cast is by pure coincidence gorgeous, most people don’t freak out about a few extra pounds or some crow’s feet. But the new The Walking Dead companion series, which was just picked up for two seasons by AMC, eschews the heartland for image-conscious Los Angeles. Female lead Kim Dickens joked you might see a new type of undead.

When America’s most body-dysmorphia-inducing network, E!, asked if the zombies in LA would look different because of the plastic surgery, Dickens took the joke and ran with it.

“Yeah, we’re going to have sexy zombies! All I know is there are more zombies that need killing,” Dickens said, laughing.

Dickens played dumb when E! tried to get her to spill other details of the pilot. She did say that she decided not to watch the original series because her show takes a fresh approach.

“I had not watched it, no…In fact, when I was getting close to getting the role I inquired what I should watch of it and they said don’t watch it because A. It’s going to be different than that and B. Your character wouldn’t know what the apocalypse looks like anyway, you know? It was interesting to think of it that way. ‘Oh yeah, I don’t need to watch it.’ We’re going to be doing something different, it’s going to be filmed differently. My character wouldn’t know that, she wouldn’t have that information so it was a fascinating way to start it, sort of clueless just like the characters really are,” Dickens said.

The new show starts in late summer with a six episode first season. The official title of the show has not yet been revealed.

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