Look At This New Trailer For The Walking Dead’s Return Episode

by on 01/28/2016

It is only a couple weeks plus change before The Walking Dead resumes its run of Season 6, which means in less than a month we’ll know what happened to that stupid kid who had to start shouting “Mom” in the middle of a ravenous gathering of the undead. Maybe this new trailer from AMC will give us a few hints to the fates of Team Rick….

Nope, no such luck. The brief shot of Rick looking back is new, but other than that, they’re holding this card to their chest. Hey, maybe we can check the official episode synopsis for answers:

“The Walking Dead” Episode 6.09 – “No Way Out” (2/14/16)
Written by Seth Hoffman; directed by Greg Nicotero

That’s all there is? They’re smarter than I gave them credit for. And the title (“NO WAY OUT”) doesn’t settle anything either. The only thing we know for certain is that Heath will probably get munched because he was just hired for the lead role in Fox’s Bauer-less continuation of “24.”

But what happens to the kid? We’ll just have to guess and pick sides. The line starts here for Team Kill-The-Brat.

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