The Walking Dead Season Finale Described As “The Cliff-Hangerest Episode”

by on 03/24/2016

Lauren Cohan, otherwise known as TV’s Maggie Greene, was asked by Entertainment Tonight if she had any hints regarding the season finale of The Walking Dead, which airs in a week and a half. She would only say this: “It’s the cliff-hangerest episode.” Some newly-leaked details, if true, confirm that comment.

First off, let me say what comes next is sort of a spoiler, and sort of not. By that I mean….well, you’ll see what I mean. There are some people who would actually prefer to know this ahead of time, so that they don’t throw something expensive at their wall after the episode finishes airing. If you want to be well-prepared for some major frustration, then continue on.

Do we find out who Negan head-bats in the season finale?

…….No. The episode ends right at that second.

According to the leak, four people will be in the room with Negan when he grabs his bat. He’ll play a game of “eenie-meenie-miney-mo,” get prepared to swing Lucille, and the camera will cut to the victim’s point of view as the bat rushes toward him or her. Cut to black, wait seven months.

Now, if you’d come into this episode nervously hoping to find out this answer, you’d be pretty furious, wouldn’t you? 90 entire minutes only to find out there are 302,400 more minutes to wait? Aren’t you glad you read this spoiler?

I would say the episode should be worth tuning in anyway, even if we don’t get that answer, simply because we’ll see Negan for the first time. But it’s up to you. The Walking Dead’s 90-minute season finale airs April 3 on AMC.

[Source: Vanity Fair]

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