Who Did Negan Just Bludgeon? Our Theories

by on 04/04/2016

We warned you the answer wasn’t coming, and you indeed did not get it. Negan undeniably just killed a resident of Alexandria, but since it was shot from first-person perspective, it could have been any of them. ……Or could it? Some candidates are more likely than others when you analyze the scene. Let’s see who we can eliminate.

It’s not Rick. Logically, Negan should pick Rick since he knows now that he’s the leader, and it would make the strongest statement to cut off the head. But we’re dealing with TV’s brand of logic, and Rick is too central a character….and also, Negan made a point to mention he wasn’t about to bash Rick. Rick and Carl are the two safe people since if any more outbursts happen Negan will make Rick eat Carl’s remaining eyeball, and Rick can’t chew with a bashed-in head.

See “Rick.”

I think not. Those are a lot of dolls, figures and T-shirts to make worthless. Then again there is the still-pervasive rumor it’s Daryl, so why not throw her into the equation?

One element of the scene that could take her off the table is this: Negan refers to his victim as someone who’s “taking it like a champ” and “champ” is almost never a word used to refer to someone female.

Glenn may be another safe person since they’ve referenced the famous scene where he dies in the comics so many times that actually doing it would be anticlimactic. Then again…..

When the Negan scene was approaching, they spoke of it taking a “hard left turn,” and by that we all thought they meant “someone other than Glenn gets whacked,” but it actually meant “you won’t learn a single thing until the leaves turn brown outside.” There are still valid reasons they would not go for Glenn, but with that statement clarified, the odds against him have increased a bit.

It almost seems too cruel, even for Negan, to beat a feverish, frail-looking young woman to death. The fact that someone cried out for him not to do it might make him want to do it, but….as Kuzco said, “no one’s that heartless.” Also, see “Michonne” — the ladies in the group could be safe here.

Did you notice how quiet that poor soon-to-be-dead person was? No cries of anguish or anything. This is remarkable. Who’s the only person that would take an order to stay silent so literally?

Eugene would also be easier to write off the payroll than some of the heavier hitters, but that fact would also reveal the series has no balls anymore. A lot of people who have lost faith in the show are assuming it’s Eugene.

This is the big one. A lot of people were theorizing it would be Daryl before this episode even aired. He’s a fan favorite, which would make his death just as much of a shock as Glenn’s was on paper. He’s also not in the comics at all, so they can do whatever they want to him. BUT…one of Daryl’s many fans happens to be Robert Kirkman, who now says he wishes Daryl had been a character all along. Might Kirkman be enough of a fan to take Dixon’s demise off the table?

This isn’t one everybody is claiming, but I find the case supporting Abraham’s survival to be thin. For one thing, his existence in the comics was wiped out by this point (he received the fate Fake Doctor got instead), so it’s possible the writers wouldn’t feel like coming up with ways to cram him into storylines he wasn’t originally in (see “Daryl”). He also kind of asked for it. But Negan isn’t the type who would grant that request, as it’s not as fun to kill someone who volunteers to be killed.

The reasons it might not be Sasha or Rosita were covered in “Michonne” and “Maggie.” Negan also said the victim had “permission to cry,” he would not need to say this to Sasha and Rosita who were already streaming tears. The reasons why it might BE either of them are….boy, I don’t know. Their supporting character statuses could make them higher candidates, but the truth is, if either of these people died only Abraham would notice. Negan would have to beat a second person to death just to get them to react.

What a surprise! Those weird armored people were actually working for Negan and brought the wounded Carol all the way to the camp, and she stayed just out of sight the entire time until Negan pointed Lucille at her and swung. You wouldn’t expect THAT twist, would you?

Carol is also the only other person besides Eugene who wouldn’t be crying out upon being beaten. She WANTS to die.

Negan literally picked the viewer, the one who was watching, and bashed his/her lights out. This is the last episode since from your perspective, you’re dead.
Yeah, ha ha, but during Talking Dead this theory was actually brought up, and Robert Kirkman himself shot it down. Word of God says: no. We don’t know if it’s Daryl or Glenn, but we have absolute confirmation it’s not you.

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