Ubisoft Considering Second Season Pass For Rainbow Six Siege

by on 09/06/2016

A recent private survey conducted by Ubisoft has been leaked on Reddit. The survey, for the game Rainbow Six Siege, appears to have been for gauging reactions to proposed things that could be included “in the future season pass.” There’s already a season pass offered, but it expires December 1, on the first-year anniversary of the game.
You might be thinking that purposely making the season pass last only a year, when you know the game will be getting updates longer than that, is a crooked thing to do. And ordinarily you’d be right, but this is a different case. The thing about season passes for this particular game is that they don’t apply to its DLC….because all DLC for Rainbow Six Siege is free.
The Season Pass in this case is actually for early access to operators, exclusive items (the kind that don’t give an unfair advantage) and discounts in the in-game store. Since it’s more of a subscription than a pre-purchase, it makes sense to make it renewable.
Possible benefits to the next season pass, according to the survey, could be a new skin every month, new uniforms, or more exclusive customization items. Or all three. Ubisoft refused to comment to the media on this leak.

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