Ubisoft's The Division Lets You Use Up To Four Characters

by on 11/13/2015

Why limit yourself to just THREE character slots like some other, unmentionable, Brand-X co-op shooters do? Ubisoft’s upcoming entry in the genre, The Division, lets you have FOUR! So take THAT, Destiny!
It’s been a while since we heard any news regarding The Division. Ubisoft released a new Q&A video today with associate lead UI artist Lars Vincent answering fan questions. One of the queries asked was how many characters you could have in the game at once. “You can have more than one character in the Division. You can have up to four characters at the same time,” he replied. “You just have to choose in the Start menu which one you want.” What use would this have? Well, if you like to play with different groups of friends, you could have a different character for each group…
Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point in this game to having so many characters. Though you can only have two skills equipped at any time, you can swap them out with any others you have whenever you want. The characters you have won’t be locked to certain abilities, meaning you could get by with just one if you had to.
We should start hearing more about The Division in the coming months, if they’re still sticking to its March 2016 release date. A beta for the game is scheduled to begin next month. The Division is being developed for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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