AMC Releases New Fear The Walking Dead Promo

by on 06/19/2015

ABC has released another vague Fear The Walking Dead promo ad. This is their second. The first was shots of LA and a radio announcer telling people a new virus was going around, so they should “get their flu shots.” Shows how medically knowledgeable DJs are. With this new promo we get to see one of the actors at last, but just one.

The actor is Frank Dillane and he is playing the character Nick, a burnout slacker with a drug problem. Nick bursts out of his apartment, visibly distraught. It must be early morning because he barely had enough time to put on any clothes — or that could just be the way the burnout normally dresses, pants down around the ankles and all. We see no one else other than Nick — not even the Walker after him. He is certainly Fearing The Walking Dead, so at least the title’s accurate.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere this August on AMC, American Movie Classics.

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