At Last, Real Clips From Fear The Walking Dead

by on 02/12/2016

AMC has finally released a teaser for Fear The Walking Dead that shows actual clips from the second season. When we last we saw our B-list crew, they had escaped the military and the zombie onslaught with the help of their new eccentric rich-as-hell friend Strand. Strand led them to his mansion so he could “meet with Abigail,” which turned out to be the name of his boat. And now the suspicions seem to be true — we’re going to spend a lot of time on that boat.

I have to admit, I was skeptical the crew was going to stay on Abigail very long, because….well…you can’t Fear The Walking Dead if zombies can’t swim. But according to showrunner Dave Erickson, there will be “quite a bit of action on the seas,” even though he admits it poses a problem for fitting in the show’s namesake. “I have to confirm this with [Fear co-creator] Robert [Kirkman] but walkers can’t swim — I’m sure they’d eventually bloat,” he says.

Erickson says the narrative will be split between land and water, though he doesn’t clear up how much will be land and how much will be sea. But according to the clips in the trailer, there will at least be….pirates??

Fear The Walking Dead returns April 10.

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