The Walking Dead 127 Sells Out

by on 05/16/2014

TWD127 p11 - The Walking Dead 127 Sells Out

The latest issue of The Walking Dead, which introduces a radically different status quo for our cast, was as big a hit as it was a risky departure.

According to Comicbook.com, the book sold out will go back for a second printing.

“It’s always frustrating when a bona fide hit like The Walking Dead sells out,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “When we sell out, stores can’t sell the book, and readers can’t get it—we all suffer. In the time it takes to reprint a book like The Walking Dead #127, we’re all left waiting weeks, and it just winds up being a missed opportunity. That said, we are making it easier for retailers to restock this issue, while also making sure they don’t sell out of the next one quite so quickly.”

The Walking Dead writer Rober Kirman acknowledged that the new direction might have been rejected by fans, and he said he was glad to see that they stuck with it.

“This ‘new beginning’ was a big risk for us, and it’s extremely gratifying to see how well it’s been received,” said Kirkman. “It’s good to know that despite so many changes in the book, the devotion of its readers hasn’t changed at all.”

The second printing of 127 will be released June 11, along with the following issue, 128.

If you can’t get a physical copy of The Walking Dead, you can always buy it digitally, either direct from Image Comics without DRM or from comixology.

[Source: Comicbook.com]

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