The Walking Dead Co-op Game ‘Fans Have Been Waiting For’ Coming 2016

by on 08/14/2014

I know that The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct hurt you, and that it’s made it hard to trust. But not all The Walking Dead games not made by Telltale have to be bad. Some serious AAA talent is lined up to bring you a The Walking Dead co-op game that just might heal the pain.

OVERKILL, a division of Starbreeze Studios, is creating a new The Walking Dead game set to be released in 2016. The game will be a co-op first-person shooter game and will feature a new storyline and new characters as it explores the fall of Washington D.C.

Starbreeze and OVERKILL are collaborating with The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Interactive on the game, so expect it to follow the comic book universe and style instead of adapting the show. OVERKILL is the studio that developed the Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 cooperative shooters, so they have some chops in this area.

The announcement was heralded by the creepy trailer above, and by some enthusiastic words from The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman.

“I’m a huge fan of what OVERKILL and Starbreeze have been able to do with Payday 2. It’s just an amazing co-operative game and I’m excited to be able to announce that Skybound is partnering with OVERKILL to make a Walking Dead game. I’m happy to say that it’s the co-op game that all of the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for,” Kirkman said.

Kirkman is so excited about the partnership that he signed a long-term deal between Skybound Interactive and Starbreeze to make The Walking Dead games. 

Of course 2016 is a long way off, but Overkill is giving fans a little something to hang on to now by adding Lucille, brutal leader of the Saviors Negan’s signature barbed baseball bat, to Payday 2 as a new weapon.

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