The Walking Dead Escape In Philadelphia This Sunday

by on 04/18/2013

walking dead escape philadelphia - The Walking Dead Escape In Philadelphia This Sunday

The Walking Dead may be over for this season, but you can still have some pretty cool experiences until we get to watch season 4. This Sunday, The Walking Dead Escape is coming to Philadelphia, PA, and there is still time to get some friends together and head down.

The Walking Dead Escape will be held at the Wells Fargo Center, and there are several types of tickets that are available. You can purchase Survivor, Zombie, and Spectator tickets, which all will give you a different experience depending on what you are looking for.

walking dead escape - The Walking Dead Escape In Philadelphia This Sunday

The event will usually be setup like an obstacle course where you have to make your way through to the end while trying to avoid the zombies that will be on the course as well. You will be going over things, under things, and making your way through this man-made apocalypse.

If you are interested in checking out this awesome event, be sure to check out the website to find more information.


Walking Dead Escape Event

Where: Wells Fargo Center – Philadephia, PA

When: April 21st, 2013


Walking Dead Escape Tickets

Survivors – $78

Zombies – $78

Spectators – $25

Heroes – $130



Navigate the course and avoid the undead. 35-50 minutes of Walking Dead Madness!

All Walkers/All Survivors will received a Limited Edition Walking Dead Poster.

Survivor Wave Times:
Waves Run every 15 minutes


Join the undead horde and stalk the course for 2.5 hours as an official The Walking Dead Escape Walker. As a Horde Walker, you will receive a pro make up session and Walker training.

All Walkers/All Survivors will received a Limited Edition Walking Dead Poster.

Walker Wave Times:


Watch the Apocalypse from the sidelines at the Escape Party. Outstanding photo opportunities, merchandise and more. Food and beverages available. All night access included.


Get the Undead VIP treatment. As a Horde Hero, you will receive an extended pro makeup session, Walker training, and the option to haunt the course for as long as you please.

All Walkers/All Survivors will received a Limited Edition Walking Dead Poster.


 The Walking Dead: Escape – Survivor Perspective

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  • 04/21/2013 at 6:27 pm

    What a joke this event was. The event may have been fun but we never got in to see it. i was furious! My family was forced to stand in a room literally jammed with hundreds of people trying to get their entrance pass, whether spectator, runner or walker, with no organization what-so-ever. People were shoving and pushing. I waited over an hour with my 2 small grandchildren after purchasing tickets months ago, to only walk out and go home after 90 minutes of fighting people in an over-crowded room. I hated it. People were cursing and complaining. It was a joke. Kirkland should be ashamed of himself. He sold out and certainly doesn’t give a shit about his fans. I still can’t believe how horrible trying to get into this event was.


  • Ann Marie Elliott
    04/21/2013 at 10:47 pm

    My family had a very similar experience as Mr. Garaguso. There was NO organization at the check in process. Most of the staff did not know what to tell people who asked. There was not one sign directing people who had pre-purchased tickets to register at the box office. Once inside the box office, you needed to wait in line according to your last name, but there was no organized lines at all. Did I mention that people were entering the box office from several doors and not getting to the back of the line. No real fault of there own since you could not tell where lines began or ended. Eventually, I was able to speak to someone who I was told was in charge. She actually registered my family and I, but I was screamed at by angry people as to why I did not wait like all others. What a terrible way to start this very expensive day. Eventually we all calmed down and enjoyed it the best we could. We were disappointed that we did not get t-shirts. We were told that they only ask that at registration to get a feel for the necessary sizes for vendors. Kirkland should be ashamed that this event carries the Walking Dead name. It is a real rip off. I intend to contact the organizers and would encourage all others to do the same.


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