The Walking Dead Pool Results: How Good Were You at Guessing? (Spoilers)

by on 02/09/2015

Before last night’s The Walking Dead episode we held a little poll to see whom our readers thought might shuffle off this mortal coil, if anyone. Here are the results.

IMG 0701 - The Walking Dead Pool Results: How Good Were You at Guessing? (Spoilers)
Either you’re really good guessers or a lot of you read spoiler sites and have no moral qualms about voting in a speculative poll when you already know the answer, because 24.97 percent of respondents correctly guessed Tyreese would be next.

In hindsight, it’s a bit obvious. He made a major mistake and he’s been struggling with a moral dilemma, those are generally recipes for death on the show.

The second-most guessed was Father Gabriel, with 18.58 percent of the vote. Eugene got 10.15 percent and Noah got 9.64 percent. This is probably more of an indicator of how unpopular these less aggressive characters are with some fans, who want to see them out of the way so the tough guys and gals can do tough guy and gal things.

Finally, it looks like Glenn might have taken Beth’s place as a perennial favorite in death polls. People keep waiting for a certain show from the comics to drop that they think might involve Glenn, so he got a respectable 7.82 percent of the vote.

Look for another The Walking Dead Pool soon, because as comic creator and show Executive Producer Robert Kirkman likes to say, “People gots to die!”

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