Walking Dead Pool Round 3! Who Will Be the Next to Die?

by on 03/19/2014


Warning: There may be comic spoilers in this post or in the comments. But please, no spoilers for unaired episodes. We will delete those if we see them.


First, we honor the recently dead.


Poor Lizzie and Mika. Both were not strong enough to survive in the world of The Walking Dead, but they were weak in different ways. Mika steadfastly refused to become a killer of anything but walkers. Lizzie too easily slipped into the role of killer of everything but walkers. In “The Grove” Lizzie ended Mika’s life to watch her become a walker and Carol had to put down Lizzie to protect everyone else.

About thirty percent of you correctly guessed that Mika would be the next to go in the last The Walking Dead Pool. Her sister Lizzie came in a relatively close second with about 15 percent of the vote, and died second in the tearjerking events of  “The Grove.” And poor Bob was third with about 13 percent, although he kept on ticking.

So who is going to be the next to go? Voter in the poll, post your guess and why in the comments, and we’ll see who gets it right. And while you’re here, consider joining our forums, where great threads about such topics are made every day.

wdseason4-4Rick Grimes
Rick has been with us from the start, is the closest thing to a “main” character the ensemble show has, and has survived stuff that should  have killed him already. There are also, without spoiling too much, a  ton of stories from the comics featuring Rick that have yet to be  adapted. It’s more likely that death will come at Rick’s hands, at least for a while. But the TV series is not the comic, so you never know.

carlCarl Grimes
Some people might want him dead, especially after his turn as a whiny teenager this season, but the show has already done the killing of children this year. Would it do it again? Carl is also growing more independent and becoming a real survivor, so it would be a shame to see that cut short.

Baby JudithBaby Judith
The Lil’ Asskicker survived several brushes with death this season already, at least two at the hands of Lizzie. In the comic books anything goes, but would AMC allow the creators to kill such a cute baby? If any character has plot armor, it’s probably the baby.

Yeah, right, you’re probably thinking. Michonne is the ultimate survivor, a walker-slaying demon with a razor-sharp katana. And we’re just starting to get hints of her backstory. But it pays never to get too comfortable in The Walking Dead world.

Daryl DixonDaryl Dixon
Will Daryl be the “last man standing?” He’s tough as hell, and he’s experienced some real personal growth lately, but there’s something tragic about his story that an early death protecting others would fit right in with, and there’s a certain blond someone that needs protecting right now. Plus Norman Reedus is branching out into movies, such as the new Air with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

CarolCarol Peletier
Carol has beenthrough the wringer, but she’s come out clean. She admitted to Tyreese that she was the one who killed Karen and David. Although she put a gun on the table and told Tyreese to do what he had to do, Tyreese chose forgiveness over revenge. Carol also had to put down Lizzie after Lizzie snapped and killed Mika. Carol is a person who will survive at any cost, but is that enough?

Beth GreeneBeth Greene
Things certainly look bad for Beth. After bonding with Daryl over the past few episodes she was kidnapped by mysterious parties for unknown, but certainly not pleasant, reasons. Daryl is on the case, but will he be too late?

Glenn RheeGlenn Rhee
Glenn is becoming a riot-armor wearing bad-ass. But he’s also joined up with Abraham and his group, and it’s clear something isn’t right there that might put Glenn in danger. Glenn also is headed to Terminus, and who knows what dangers wait there?

Bob StookeyBob Stookey
Bob’s is very useful to the group as a medic, but that’s a bit of a strike against him because taking that away would really hurt, and the creators love to twist the knife. His alcoholism is also a weakness that might have negative consequences in the future. Bob is forming a relationship with Sasha, but he Sasha and Maggie are all heading to Terminus, where bad things might wait.

MaggieMaggie Greene
Maggie has been taking some dangerous risks in her quest to find Glenn. She’s also headed to Terminus, which may hold new dangers. She seems stronger for being with Sasha an Bob, however.

Tyrees knows what Carol did to Karen and David, but instead of taking his revenge, he has forgiven her. Tyreese also still has Baby Judith, and the benefits of her adorable invincibility.

Sasha has become a strong survivor, but is her fate is linked to Tyreese? They’re currently separated. Will she ever get to see Tyreese again? Sasha also seems to be getting closer to Bob, is that relationship doomed?

Tara is full of self-loathing after taking part in the governor’s plan, but joining up with Glenn and Abraham’s group seems to have given her purpose. Will her guilt drive her to some kind of suicidal self-sacrifice?

abrahamRositaeugene-366x245Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene
Something shady is going on in their storyline, and it will probably take a while to play out. Rosita is the most disposable character of the group, so if one of them goes first, it’ll probably be her.
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