The Walking Dead Pool Season Five: Who Dies First?

by on 10/16/2014


So we have a warm fuzzy feeling at the beginning of the season, with all our survivors together and everyone coming out of what seemed like a hopeless situation at Terminus unscathed.

It won’t last.

We hate to be a buzzkill, but this is The Walking Dead, and people are going to die. This poll is to let us know who you think is going to die first. When someone does shuffle off this mortal coil, we’ll update it and ask you who you think the next victim will be.

Warning: There are spoilers for previous episodes in this post and likely in the comments. But please, no spoilers for un-aired episodes. We will delete those if we see them.

walking-dead-season-5-rickRick Grimes
Rick has smartened and toughened up through tragedy and learning from his own mistakes until he’s almost a force of nature, a pure survivor. Woe be it to anyone who threatens him or his friends. Rick’s death would be the most surprising, since most of the comic plots, for years worth of stories, revolve around Rick.

carlCarl Grimes
Other than chill in a boxcar and be reunited with Judith, Carl hasn’t had much to do this season so far. There are things down the road that might be bad news for Carl, but death seems unlikely.

250px-Season_five_judith_grimesBaby Judith
Judith has had her third major brush with death. She’s long dead at this point in the comics, but it doesn’t seem like the show has been willing to go through with it. She might be more valuable from a plot perspective as a vulnerable member of the group for others, like Tyreese, to protect.

Looks like our favorite samurai lost her katana. Will that dull her edge? At the end of last season we we’re just starting to get hints of her backstory and she was getting closer to Rick and Carl. Killing her would be a wicked rug-yanking moment, but it’s more likely these storylines will be allowed to play out.

AMC_TWD_Gallery__Daryl_Gallery_1114_V2Daryl Dixon
Rick’s brother-from-another-mother and right-hand man, Daryl has been reunited with Carol, but he still has to find Beth. What dangers will he run into on the way?

CarolCarol Peletier
The only survivor more willing to do whatever it takes than Rick is Carol, as evidenced by her nearly single-handed destruction of Terminus. You would think this would make her most likely to survive, but we could be getting set up for a tragedy as well.

Season_five_beth_greeneBeth Greene
Beth is in mucho trouble. All we know from the trailer is that she’s trapped in a crazy hospital and trying to get out. Will the others come to save the day? Can she escape on her own?

Glenn RheeGlenn Rhee
Glenn and Maggie are reunited and it feels so good. Unless it’s a setup for a tragic end to their love story. Honestly, though, the producers know we expect Glenn to die and are going to play with that until Negan shows up, like they did with Glenn’s close call in the season premiere.

Bob StookeyBob Stookey
Bob and Sasha are also reunited. Bob had a heroic moment in the premiere, trying, but failing, to talk Gareth out of killing everyone. But he’s not a fan favorite and might end up being one of the first to fall, especially if Gareth reforms the remaining Termites as the Hunters from the comics as some have suggested.

MaggieMaggie Greene
Maggie is back with Glenn. Beth is still, somewhere, but at least Maggie knows she was alive when Daryl last saw her. Maggie burned Glenn’s only picture of her. Was that a moment of freedom or a really, really bad omen?

Tyreese needs to learn from Carol that he has to do whatever it takes to survive. He says he did, but is he telling the truth? It looked like he killed Termite Martin for threatening Judith, but we never saw the body and he wouldn’t let Carol look.

Sasha is reunited with Bob and Tyreese. She’s also becoming the most level-headed voice of reason of the group, asking the important questions about Eugene’s plan to go to Washington. That in itself might be more likely to make her get separated or put in danger, though

Glenn’s willingness to fight for Tara in the tunnel o’zombies seems to have helped her self-esteem issues somewhat. And Glenn was willing to not tell the others she was part of the governor’s group. Can she now blend in? Uh, no. Rick knows what she did. She’ll have to deal with him first.

Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene
Is Eugene really the extremely unlikely savior of the world? Or is Abraham grasping at straws? Their mission is to make it to D.C. to stop the outbreak, will the other survivors help? Who is Abraham crying over in the season five trailer, his lover Rosita or humanity’s last “hope” Eugene?

No SanctuaryGareth
Gareth was clearly only winged by Rick, so he’ll be back. It would be satisfying to see him have a date with Rick’s red-handled machete, as Rick promised, but don’t expect it soon.

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