The Walking Dead Season 4 Sneak Peek Into The Threat From Within

by on 09/13/2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Sneak Peek

There is a new sneak peek that is out that gives us more of a look into season 4 of The Walking Dead that will begin again this October 13th. The video goes more into depth about what we can expect, the challenges they face, the threats that are looming, and character conflicts.

The time jump as discussed is about 6-7 months and the prison has become more of a stable home that the characters now live in. However, with all the peacefulness there is turmoil right around the corner. The threat to the prison seems to be coming not from the outside, but from inside.

“The prison begins to fall apart, and it’s not really walkers, and it’s not other people” – Denise Huth

Season 4 of The Walking Dead is less than 5 weeks away and this season should really take fans on a ride. The next season is looking to be a change from the previous season, which should be a fresh perspective for the fans and viewers.

Is this the season that they finally leave the prison? Is it time to move on as the safety of the prison begins to fall…well we will just have to see.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Sneak Peek


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