Walking Dead Season 6 Heading To Netflix Next Month

by on 08/26/2016

We’re getting Season 6 of The Walking Dead on Netflix earlier than anyone thought. The company revealed their September release schedule today, and it shows that Season 6 will go live September 15.

This is the earliest that a Walking Dead season has hit streaming. Season 3 was added to Netflix in 2013 on September 30. Season 4 appeared on September 28, 2014, and Season 5 showed up September 27 the following year.

There are those out there whose only preferred method of television entertainment is Netflix and similar streaming services. Anyone who hasn’t been able to watch Season 6 until now will surely know about the cliffhanger, but this is really to their benefit — if you anticipate it, it’s not as aggravating. The odds of their making it another year without hearing who Negan killed, however, are slim.

For those who have Netflix AND cable, it’ll be easy to catch up to Season 7 and you’ll have more time. The Walking Dead doesn’t return until October 23.

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