When it’s ‘The Walking Dead Vs. Wildlife,’ Wildlife Wins

by on 11/11/2014

The real threat to walkers wouldn’t be Rick Grimes with a metal pipe, it would be the wildlife.

That’s the conclusion of National Wildlife Federation’s “Walking Dead Versus Wildlife,” which demonstrates how a zombie apocalypse would be little more than an all-you-can eat buffet for opportunistic animals.

The latest video is about coyotes, whom host David Mizejewski says like to feed on the dead and would eagerly tear apart the slow-moving, hapless zombies.

Another eye-opening video focuses on a smaller, but even bigger threat, flesh-eating beetles. Eating rotten flesh is their whole mode of existence, so they’d be a potent weapon against the zombies.

The point of the video series, of course, is to encourage people to join the National Wildlife Federation’s mission of protecting these animals. So give it a look here to see how you can help. Never know, if there is a zombie apocalypse one day our animal allies might return the favor.

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