Watch A Scene From Next Sunday’s Episode, “East”

by on 03/25/2016

Carol has had all she can take and has left Alexandria (because….she surely won’t have to kill anyone OUT THERE….) Everyone is now rushing out to look for her and bring her back. This will almost assuredly lead them right into Negan’s clutches, but it had to happen sometime.

AMC has made available a short snip from the upcoming episode. You know what this clip has in it? Richonne, that’s what it has. Just when you thought the show had forgotten the pair was ever put together, they finally give us a follow-up. They share an apple!

If that’s not enough, there’s also the promo for “East” that first appeared during the credits of the previous episode.

“East” airs this coming Sunday at 9 on AMC, followed by the big season finale on April 3.

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